Who We Are


219 Aquatics is a new survival swim and Next Level/traditional swim program in the Northwest Indiana region. Swim lessons for infants and toddlers come in many different forms. While some swim schools offer water play time and “Mommy and Me” lessons, others strictly focus on survival swim lessons. When it comes to older children, it can take years before a child is comfortable putting their face in water or learning to effectively swim basic strokes across a pool. At 219 Aquatics we empower our students with the skills to self-rescue in water and enjoy learning to love and respect the water. Our older students learn to use their self-rescue skills combined with basic swim strokes as they develop into strong swimmers. We are proud to bring these lessons to NWI and are excited to see more families have safer swimmers sooner!

What We Offer

*I have close family members and friends in the military and law enforcement. As a “thank you” for your service, all LEO and military families will receive a 10% discount on lessons!

Self Rescue Lessons

Self-rescue lessons- Children as young as 12 months will be taught to roll onto their backs to float from a face-down position. Depending on their emotional, physical, and developmental capabilities, they will also learn to flip back over into the water and swim for a short distance before rolling back into a comfortable floating position. Our program lessons are all one-on-one! This allows the instructor to tailor the lesson according to each child’s unique needs. Lessons are approximately 10 mins in length and meet five days a week. Students are required to attend 5 lessons per week at their scheduled time throughout the 6-8 week course. Lessons have a performance-based exit time, but generally last 6-8 weeks. Lesson fees are $90 per week, per child.*

Next Level Swim Lessons

Next Level Skills- These lessons are for children 7 years and older! Your student will learn self-rescue skills, how to swim basic strokes, and safe water play! This includes the front crawl, elementary backstroke, backstroke, breaststroke, diving for toys, and how to safely act around pool and beach areas! These lessons will be approximately 20 minutes and meet once a week. Next Level lessons are all one-on-one! Lesson fees are $20 per lesson, per child.* Children ages 5 and 6 are welcome after they have completed at least their initial self-rescue session and one refresher session.

Know The Facts About Drowning


  1. Drowning is the leading cause of death in children under five
  2. Drowning is silent!
  3. Drowning begins in as little as 20 seconds.
  4. Drowning IS preventable!

Hi, There!

I’m Miss Karen.

Karen grew up competing in local swim competitions and knew she wanted to teach others to not only love the water but respect it too! She was drawn to infant aquatic self-rescue lessons and connected with CAST Water Safety Foundation as an intern and decided from there to become an aquatic self-rescue instructor herself! She now teaches survival swim lessons as well as Next Level/Traditional swim lessons. Karen offers indoor lessons at the Spring House Inn located in Porter, Indiana, and outdoor lessons at other private residences throughout Northwest Indiana.